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Ben Pentreath and Morris & Co.

A joyous collection of pattern and colour by Ben Pentreath and Morris & Co.

Ben Pentreath, renowned architectural interior designer, collaborates with Morris & Co. to create a joyous collection of colour and iconic pattern, new for autumn/winter 2020.

Ben Pentreath and Morris & Co.

Morris & Co.

Morris & Co. Swatches

Ben Pentreath’s Queen Square Collection for Morris & Co. We’ve no doubt that lovers of interior design around the globe will rejoice (as we did) at this combination of words. A seamless meeting of minds between an iconic brand and one of the country’s most sought after interior designers, the Queen Square Collection is named after the road that housed the first Morris & Co. factory and showroom. This Autumn/Winter, Morris & Co. is thrilled to launch its latest collection, produced in collaboration with Ben Pentreath.

Featuring original designs across 18 fabrics and 18 wallpapers, Queen Square fills us with a nostalgic familiarity.

Queen Square was styled exclusively by Ben at his stunning Dorset home, with photography featuring in the collection’s pattern books. The launch comprises two books: Ben Pentreath The Queen Square Collection Fabrics and Ben Pentreath The Queen Square Collection Wallpapers B.

“I find it extraordinary that Morris & Co. patterns, developed in the mid to late 19th century, are still as fresh and relevant 150 years later as they were then. Morris was a master of pattern and repeat; I find his patterns unequalled in their simultaneous simplicity and richness, and we return to them again and again in our work.”

Finding pleasure in the simple things, iconic patterns showcase the longevity and enduring appeal of expertly crafted design.

Our Favourites!

Bachelors Button – inspired by original designs in our archive, Bachelors Button is given a modern twist, as vibrant swirling leaves writhe in a medieval fresco style


Willow Bough – This William Morris classic from 1887 is newly finished with saturated colour combinations. This iconic design offers a fresh perspective on the intertwining stems and delicate leaves of willow bough.


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