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Customized, sumptuous and affordable drapery

So you want it all – choice, quality, customization and affordability in your drapery panels? Well, good thing we met! 

Linen House

Adding designer, customized drapery detailing to every room of your home is easier and more affordable now than you ever dreamed. Right now at National Drapery, you can find many designer fabric options, customize them for your specific needs, and order (without a fuss!) right here at our Online Store. And when you get there, we think you will be delighted to find that our Coco & Linen Collections of customized panels and feather toss cushions are all also on a special promotional offer you won’t be able to resist.

Custom Drapery

To help you make your design dreams come true, you can first order free sample fabric swatches, coordinate with your quality accessories and then have your custom panel order shipped right to your home. Our team of in-house craftsmen will produce your custom drapes and cushions covers, right here in our Toronto-based sewing factory – expertly cut and tailored to your measurements and needs.

Measuring drapery panels for your space

Determine Space Needed for Pole

  • Measure window width – window frame to outside (A).
  • Add 2″-8″ for panels to rest on either side of window frame when open.
  • Add the extra inches needed for decorative finials.
  • The total from the 3 measurements above is the amount of horizontal space needed for your drapery rod.

Determine Drapery Pole Placement

  • If not using rings: measure from bottom of pole to floor (B).
  • If using rings: add up to 2 1/2″ to the drapery length to determine the pole height.

Determine Drapery Length

  • If not using rings: measure from bottom of pole to top of floor or top of window sill, depending on desired coverage (C).
  • If using rings: add up to 2 1/2″ to the length, depending on desired coverage (D).

Determine Panel Width

  • Measure overall window width (A).
  • To the number above, add another 2″-8″ to reduce light gaps as desired; this is the overall panel width needed.

Custom Drapery Panel Measurement

Our in-house design team is also available locally or internationally, to help you coordinate and customize other fabric surfaces in your home or office.

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