Custom Drapes

Dining Room Shading & Drapery Inspiration – Ideas for Every Taste!

We make it easy! All you have to do is find the right ingredients for your next dining design project: custom drapes, privacy sheers, aluminum blinds, shutters woven blinds, custom banded shades, wood shades, romans, roller shades, shutters, and more!

For those with an Organic Palette…

If you are one of those who believe that in your kitchen and dining areas, it is important to impart a sense of freshness and connection to the organic – you probably love putting out fresh flowers and your organic ingredients on display any chance you have. That is no surprise. After all, the best ingredients make the best foods – and who wouldn’t be proud of that. So, we think you will be happy to know that nature and organically-inspired themes specifically designed for display in kitchens and other dining areas can further enhance the dining experience and help celebrate your favourite meals. Bring the outside with a variety of options to choose from: watercolour interpretations, prints created from direct organic impressions, more minimalist renditions and even photo-based patterns that can elevate the charm of any space.

For those in search of the Cottage Lifestyle…

Now, more than ever, it is easy to design whatever style into your home, regardless of exactly what might be going on outside of it. Leaving the hustle and bustle of the modern lifestyle behind, it is no surprise that we want to go home to something quite different. Inside your most intimate spaces, you can work with a variety of shading, wallcovering art and drapery systems to help you create a new world of your own, exactly as you would like it. Explore stylized prints and layer shades of complementary colours to create focal points. And remember, for a cottage feel that doesn’t feel too country, it is a good practice to stick to more clean lines and patterns, rather than the more traditional and cluttered possibilities.

For those with an Appetite for Modern Contemporary Design…

If it happens that your design palate is more contemporary, well you are in luck! New design options and automation technology are just the ingredients you have been looking for. With modern design sensibilities at hand, manufacturers like Hunter Douglas have revitalized the possibilities for every room of your home – especially the kitchen. With every convenience at your fingertips and design tailored exclusively to your personal specifications, the possibilities are truly at the forefront of home comfort innovation.

Our in-house design team at National Drapery is ready to make your window treatments and design aspirations come to life. Request a call or make an appointment today, to get started!