Eat Your Heart Out: Kitchen & Dining Decor to Suit Your Taste

Did you know people are more likely to enjoy their meals and report a tastier experience, if they enjoy the place and the environment where their meal is being served? In fact, the best restaurants and professional dining rooms and kitchens are purposely designed to create the perfect atmosphere and engage your senses in all the ways that will enhance your dining experience. Beautiful places, well-lit dining rooms and inspired kitchens have the power to awaken the dining expereince as well as your taste buds.

So why shouldn’t you, your family and guests be able to enjoy the same delicious attention to every detail at home? It’s much easier than you think – especially when you know the recipe to success:

1. Pick your colours and patterns, right from the garden

Everything tastes better, fresh from the garden – and the patterns and colours that dominate your dining room and kitchen are no exception. But don’t panic, we are not talking about grandma’s farm-inspired chicken and farm prints. Right on trend, 2017 has seen a huge new integration of nature-inspired patterns, colours and designs, especially for residential kitchen and dining spaces. Light flora and fauna prints, layered onto Earth tones and punched up with bright accents will have your imagination drooling…

2. Don’t be afraid to add a touch of personal spice

Every home, like all the best recipes, needs a touch of your personal spice. Customize drapery, upholstery and other design elements and don’t be afraid to experiment a little. Take time to consider all your options and possible combinations that will best reflect your personal taste, as well as flatter your kitchen and dining spaces. Mixing complementary patterns and prints in your custom drapery and upholstery, instead of using solid hues, is a huge trend this year amongst the world’s top design leaders. It is also a good idea to add in other personalized elements that help integrate your dining room into the rest of your home: highlight family moments as centrepieces, display family photos in assorted frames, or integrate unique vintage pieces to create timeless, thoughtful spaces that engage your heart, as well as your appetite.



3. Don’t forget the garnishes

There is no better garnish for a well designed home, than appropriate lighting. If you have windows in your dining and kitchen space, choose drapery and window covering systems that will frame sunlight in the most flattering form. You can choose sheers from endless hue options that will best compliment the unique light pouring into your room, build in black-out systems that allow more control over light and improve your privacy, install automated systems that systematically self-adjust to capture the best light of the day, and/or create customized discreet systems that integrate the best of all your options, for maximum choice.

Custom Drapery

Dining Room Drapery

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