Fabulous and Fun Pattern Trends for Window Treatments

Patterns are one of the hottest trends in window treatments. Eye-catching prints add drama to any contemporary décor style, whether casual or formal.

Want to refresh your home? Consider switching out your window coverings: it’s the easiest way to make a big impact, fast.

Need inspiration? Here are four bold patterns making waves this season.

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Perfect plaids

From shirts to sheets and everything in between, what’s old is new again this season. Trendy wool tartans, plush plaids, checkered and houndstooth textiles are all the rage. Plaid weaves are a huge hit on both the runway and on the home front. Very versatile with several options on the market, it’s as easy to keep it country casual as it is to go super sophisticated in a new mod space, depending on your look.

Style statement:

Amp up the style-factor of any interior by introducing this classic weave in either an unexpected way—used sparingly with accessories and mixed with other of-the-moment patterns— or all on its own via wall-to-wall to furnishings and window coverings.

floral, pattern, window treatments, windows, drapery, textiles, patterns, new, trends

The “new” florals

Forget small bitsy flowers: large-scale floral patterns offer a bold take on this classic motif. Look for high-contrast colourways, and intriguing details, like hidden silhouettes or details you won’t notice until the second or third glance.

Style statement:

Combine scale with style for a go-big or go-home design plan that balances grand upholstery prints with of-the-moment furnishings, wall coverings and draperies in fresh hues that work together to get one of this season’s must-have looks.

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Geometry is cool again, whether you opt for mod circles, zigzags or room-enhancing stripes (as with fashion, vertical lines emphasize the height of a room, while horizontal ones will make it look wider). For a more minimalist style, look for smaller scale geometric prints (from a distance the effect will be more textural), or, for instant impact, go bold using scale and colour to get the effect you want.

Style statement:

Break the rules and try mixing patterns for a fashion forward look that is easy to do if you consider the four main elements of colour, scale, shape and texture. Start out small, and test your plan with a mood board of fabric swatches layering patterns to test your theory. Opt for one larger scale fabric design and work your way down in size from there.

Damask, pattern, modern damask, pattern, window treatments, windows, drapery, textiles, new, trends

Modern damasks

Play up the drama and romance of any room with new-again damasks. As with the others, use a higher contrast colour scheme for better impact. Also consider the use of texture; get a flocked effect by choosing a damask with a tufted pattern rather than simply a jacquard weave.

Style statement:

Anchor your design with a classic pattern on a grand scale, try complimenting your window treatment with a wall covering in a metallic finish to add sheen and depth to your decorating plan.

For inspirational images showcasing patterned window treatments, check out online design resources like Houzz.com and our blog.