Four Hot Summer Books

Bestselling whodunits make the best beach reading, but for at-home decorating and design inspiration, these hot summer books are our fave summer pageturners:



BOOK: In the Pink: Dorothy Draper: America’s Most Fabulous Decorator

AUTHOR: Carleton Varney

WHY WE LOVE IT: Anyone who subscribes to a more-is-more design – or life – philosophy will be wowed by Dorothy Draper, a midcentury interior decorator extraordinaire. Draper’s design life spanned from the 1930s onwards, and she became known for her “baroque fantasy” aesthetic, decorating high profile hotel and resort projects, designing fabrics for F. Schumacher and Co. and even bringing her magic to automobile and airplane interiors in the 1950s.


Compendium of Interior Styles

AUTHOR: Francois Baudot

WHY WE LOVE IT: Who doesn’t love living vicariously through photo spreads of the homes of the rich and design-savvy? This book explores the interior design of several of the world’s most beautiful homes, from medieval times to present, looking not just at their aesthetics, but the underlying design philosophies and interior lives of those they were designed for.

To Your Taste

BOOK: To Your Taste: Creating Modern Rooms with a Traditional Twist

AUTHOR: Celerie Kemble

WHY WE LOVE IT: One of our favourite contemporary designers, Celerie Kemble walks us through her signature projects, sharing personal and professional insights into the design process. Readers will benefit from her insights into inspiration, trends, and dealing with real-world design challenges such as cramped spaces and poor lighting. Read and learn from a master!

Passion for blue and white

BOOK: A Passion for Blue and White

AUTHOR: Carolyne Roehm

WHY WE LOVE IT: Legendary designer and style-setter Roehm shares her tips and tricks for decorating with her favourite (and signature) colour palette. Roehm developed her passion for this timeless colour combo while working for Oscar de la Renta in her 20s. In the intervening decades, the designer has incorporated blue and white into her client work, her own homes, tabletop decorating, outdoor gardens and even a friend’s wedding.





NOTE: all books are currently available at booksellers including Amazon and Chapters-Indigo.