50 Hues of White – Oh, My!

Even though white is not technically a colour, adding even the littlest hue to a brilliant white, can change the atmosphere in your design setting, marshal your guests’ attention to the best of your home’s decor and even create spaces that rest your heart at ease.

Here are our top 3 tips for using all the hues of this too-often-underestimated design pallette to your pleasure.

  • It might sound a little obvious at first, but it is really very important to test with a few different hues of white before settling on the right one for you. Every room has it’s own specific lighting and the easiest way to tell which hue will work best for your design scheme is to see for yourself how a specific hue will look in context. Weather you are reupholstering a luxuries headboard in white, or considering a cooler tone for sweeping tall silk drapes – don’t be shy about asking your supplier for swatches and samples to consider right in the space, and light, you are going to be decorating.

Tufted Headboard

Flex System

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  • Use whites to frame a bit of craftsmanship. When you love your home the way we do, you know the value of craftsmanship-quality investments in the important details of the homes we make. Your home’s drapery systems deserve nothing less – after all, you can’t leave your windows naked! Layering your custom-tailored drapery panels with rich white sheers will serve perfectly to moderate the light into your room and demand attention for every designer detail in your favourite spaces.
Alendel Interior
  • Trust white to help you get organized. White highlights everything around it – especially mess! If you (or someone you love…) need motivation to stay tidy and clean up clutter, then decorating in white palates might just be the design solution you have been waiting for. After all, who would want to mess up places like these? Shabby to chic with a few hues of white – we love!

Floris Embroidery


As most art galleries would agree, hues of white are more often than not, the best palate for setting a piece of art. Your home is your biggest opportunity to express who you are – your art. Why not learn from the experts and let white highlight your home in all the right ways.