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Summer Inspiration in Bloom – Sahco’s Collection 2018 is Here to Please

Our Design Team has been at it again! We have been out and about searching for the latest and the greatest in home décor fashions that will elevate your interior design plans into glorious reality. This month’s find is nothing short of inspirational!

The latest from a studio that has been in operation since 1831, SAHCO’s Collection 2018 is the launch of an extensive range of fabrics, wallcoverings and rugs, designed and executed for the highest demand of a modern lifestyle. Every detail is addressed and coordinated for endless customization options and the modernist palate is simultaneously timeless and current.

COLLECTION TRUE – The Collection True is an unpretentious, casual, and natural design. The word “modern” has always been synonym for an expansion of perspective. A milestone of these aesthetics was the pavilion designed by Mies van der Rohe in Barcelona for the World’s Fair in 1929. White travertine and green marble were the highly elegant substances which showed that simple doesn’t have to be boring. Van der Rohes’s famous quotation “Less is more” was the inspiration for this collection. The basics consist of materials such as linen and wool, and form a carefully thought-out unity with highlights. Their colours confer a pleasant ease to any interior, and abstract motifs are designed with an eye for contemplation.

The elegance for which SAHCO stands comes about by the interplay between the texture of its basic materials and the dynamic of its highlights. Flowing, high-end decorating fabrics and charismatic upholstery seek to open the room, thereby corresponding with our demanding, cosmopolitan, and flexible lifestyle.

SAHCO Upholstery Sofa

ULF MORITZ − Jewels of textile arts and precious materials, Ulf Mortiz is a collection of extraordinary creations, reminiscent of the high school of the Parisian couturiers. It stands for craftsmanship and luxurious materials. Linen, silk, and wool are the material of choice these creations. Dreamy and feminine, these materials enchant all in their own way, and attract their observers into the colour and conceptual world of the Parisian catwalk.

HORIZONS WALLCOVERINGS − The name of this new wallpaper collection is an expression which metaphorically opens up new realms and generates new points of view and special perspectives. Traditional handicraft merges with natural raw materials via the most modern technology and with new colour palates. Each of these wallpapers captivates with a unique aura and refined material composition. With subtle textures and surfaces, Horizons interprets the modern aesthetic with an eye for the unique and lends a very special radiance to any room.

Dreaming? Drooling? Ready to get a taste of the newest SAHCO collections and quality for your self? Our Design Team is always here to help. Request a call, book an appointment, or drop by our Toronto showroom today.