The Latest and the Brightest from Harlequin fabrics: Feast your Eyes on This!

It’s time for some eye candy! If you are craving to rejuvenate your home interiors – we’ve got just the treat for you. Harlequin fabrics, textures and wallcovering designs are nothing less than Delicious. If you love high fashion, Harlequin will probably steal your heart. Expect to be wowed by fusions of delicious colours, innovative textures and catwalk-inspired design.

“Our pursuit of design innovation probably evolved as a result of our links with manufacturing. We’ve shared a site with a wallpaper factory for over 30 years so our designers really know and understand the products – including how to push the boundaries as technology advances. By mixing innovative production techniques with ambitious, uninhibited design we have earned a global reputation as a high fashion, trend-leading brand.”

Harlequin Fabrics

For their latest collection, Momentum 11 is the latest in huge portfolio of remarkable interior design contributions. Amongst the angularity of a city, where clean edges, tight corners and diffused shapes cast shadows across a bustling street, the delicate appearance of nature provides a striking contrast. Close up interpretations of organic forms diffuse against smooth lines in an upholstery collection where architectural elements and the subtleties of nature entwine to provide a striking, glamourous contrast.

In this latest collection, Harlequin adds three new books to its successful Momentum range, with the launch of Momentum 6 Wallpapers, Momentum 11 Upholstery and Momentum 12 Drapes, where architectural elements and the subtleties of nature entwine with inspiration from leading hotels of the world. Microscopic close ups of rock formations and tidal patterns are given a luxurious twist, coloured to represent the tones and hues of the natural world. Complementary wallpaper and drapes collections are also available in addition to a wide range of Harlequin fabrics – so the possibilities are limited, only by your cravings and imagination.

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