2014 Showtime ITMA Market: Top 2014 Fabric Highlights that Caught our Eye!

National Drapery talks Showtime ITMA Market 2014

While Highpoint, North Carolina isn’t a famous town, to designers, decoristas and others with a passion for home décor, it’s on par with any urban design capital. Home to the High Point Furniture Market, it’s also host to the smaller, but equally drool-worthy Showtime ITMA textile show. Showtime’s the place every December and June, if you want a forecast of what trends and influences will be rocking design showrooms and magazines in the year(s) to come.

Here are Showtime trends and highlights we predict will make the jump to style-savvy homes across Canada.



Still a bit boho, traditional prints and patterns like Ikat get an upscale update in luxe fabrics. Kravet’s “Homage Ikat Indigo” presents the trend in irresistible hues and a luxe silk-linen blend.



Moody blues were all over the place at Showtime. The top blues? Think vibrant and Caribbean-inspired cerulean, turquoise and even midnight blue, all of which coordinate beautifully with 2014’s Colour of the Year, Radiant Orchid.


SHOWTIME ITMA HIGHLIGHT: Pairing pink with Mulberry

Channeling a Radiant Orchid vibe of its own, this colour combo pairs punchy pink with deep, mysterious mulberry, a hue that’s a little bit purple and a little bit black. The result? A less feminine, more exotic/globetrotter take on this modern colour family.


SHOWTIME ITMA HIGHLIGHT: Pairing silver and amethyst

For a modern take on sumptuous more-is-more luxury, consider pairing seductive silver – the sophisticate’s metallic – with lush purple. From a decorating perspective, it’s a slam-dunk for a decadent bedroom makeover.


SHOWTIME ITMA HIGHLIGHT: Pairing russet with espresso

Spice-inflected reddish and orange-inflected browns pair with deep, dark coffee hues in this new-again palette. It’s not your 1970s living room, nor is it 90’s Santa Fe… it’s natural, organic, and a bit on the masculine side.


SHOWTIME HIGHLIGHT: Details make a difference

We can expect to see ribbons and trim adding definition to window coverings and linens. A step beyond the standard grosgrain or velvet, the new trimmings feature bold, graphic weaves and patterns of their own.


SHOWTIME HIGHLIGHT: Woven patterns and embroidery

Woven fabrics from Robert Allen offer embellishment and even a folkloric influence, as seen in the “Busy Stripes” and “Sophia Range” fabrics. At Robert Allen, embroidery was also used in on-trend graphic patterns like “Carmane.”