3 Insider Tips: Hints and Tricks for Creating Personal Mood Board Just Like the Pros

July 17th, 2018

Personalized mood boards are a great way to visualize, edit and communicate a creative vision to others. For design projects of all kinds, mood boards are can be an indispensable guide for achieving the desired impact.  But it won’t surprise you to hear that not all mood boards are created equal… and it is often too easy to tell the novices, from the professionals. Thankfully, our Design Team is here to help, with a few insider tips and thoughtful touches, you too will be able to create striking mood boards just like the real pros.


Summer Inspiration in Bloom – Sahco’s Collection 2018 is Here to Please

June 15th, 2018

Our Design Team has been at it again! We have been out and about searching for the latest and the greatest in home décor fashions that will elevate your interior design plans into glorious reality. This month’s find is nothing short of inspirational!

The latest from a studio that has been in operation since 1831, SAHCO’s Collection 2018 is the launch of an extensive range of fabrics, wallcoverings and rugs, designed and executed for the highest demand of a modern lifestyle. Every detail is addressed and coordinated for endless customization options and the modernist palate is simultaneously timeless and current.


When Art Inspires Home: Exploring The Textile Museum of Canada

May 15th, 2018

It’s not hard to imagine that since the inception of museums as public institutions, artists, beauty-seekers and dreamers from all walks of life have sought out fresh inspiration amongst the treasures housed there. This is true even now, in the hustle and bustle of modern life of Toronto’s downtown streets. With over 100 (that’s right!) non-profit art galleries and university art galleries in the City, if you are looking for inspiration for your next home decorating project, you will never be disappointed.

Wonderland Series: “Curiouser and Curiouser #2” 2015


50 Years of Design Excellence with Osborne & Little

April 14th, 2018

Celebrating with a Winning Spring Collection

Osborne & Little

For over 50(!) years now, the British innovation powerhouse Osborne & Little has been synonymous with innovations and insights that resonate across the world’s interior design universe. Season after season, Osborne & Little has consistently produced some of the highest quality wall and window treatments that never fail to impress. And to celebrate a half a century of outstanding design and inspired collaborations, the team at the design studio has just released what might just be the brand’s most impressive achievement to date.


Three Must-Read Interior Design Magazines You Don’t Want to Miss

March 5th, 2018

Most of us still remember a world before Pinterest, before Instagram and before all of the new media that have digitized many of our experiences. This was a time when glossy magazines were the unchallenged go-to places for seekers of beauty and inspiration for all things in vogue – luxury, fashion, art, interior design and so much more. But with the advent and proliferation of social media and digitized information of every format, many predicted that the end of print-based magazine and books would surly be at hand… Luckily however, that has not been the case.