Get to know: Linherr Hollingsworth

Linherr Hollingsworth, is the owner and principal of Linherr Hollingsworth believes that great design should evoke emotion. After a successful career in fashion, her next chapter was a natural fit. Linherr set her focus on interiors and never looked back. Linherr brings her innate sense of style, keen eye for detail, and years of experience to every project she undertakes. She believes her role as a designer is to be a good listener and to precisely identify each of her client’s needs.

Over an expansive career across the design world, Linherr has formed trusted relationships with experts in the field and collaborates closely with architects, builders, and custom craftsmen to ensure that both function and aesthetic work in harmony. In addition to her successful interior design business, Linherr is also a talented artist and prolific product designer. She has created a line of contemporary wall coverings and fabrics, as well as a collection of designs for carpeting, passementerie, lighting and hardware. Whether it is discovering emerging artists, searching for vintage treasures, or fabricating custom pieces, Linherr is enthusiastic about it all!

Design Highlight: Boheme II by Linherr Hollingsworth for Kravet

Boheme II for Kravet is a collection of earthy hues and primitively geometric patterns that can be infinitely layered across all your home’s soft surfaces. There are more than 40 patterns and weaves are available in this timeless collection, across an impressive colourway options.  

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