Harlequin Fabrics and Wallpapers

New from Harlequin: Book of Little Treasures

For the new year, wouldn’t be wonderful if we all looked at the world with more child-like wonder? To bring back the sense of curiosity, wonder, and intuitive instinct for magic that our kids bring with them to every adventure?

Harlequin Fabrics and Wallpapers Harlequin Fabrics and Wallpapers Harlequin Fabrics and Wallpapers

New for AW20, Harlequin presents Little Treasures, a playful collection of 33 prints and 36 weaves created with love, for the little people in our lives. Think of each design or character as the chapter of a favourite book and conjure up what happens next. Whether you’re flying high amongst starlit skies, dancing in sparkly shoes or exploring the depths of a tropical jungle, Little Treasures is all about bringing imaginations to life and having fun. Complete the look with Little Treasures Wallpapers.

Harlequin Fabrics and Wallpapers

Cheeky (but educational!) hand-drawn dinosaurs appeal to boys and girls alike. Forest friends with a sense of humour to boot. A muraled circus-full of entertainers in every colour, shape and species, to delight your imagination. A fantastic shoe collection with magical powers. Acrobats, dancers and gymnasts practice their wonderful routines along rainbow-coloured dreams. Spaceships suspended in a night sky design, perfect for budding astronauts. So much to discover and so fun to inspire. Just the sort of thing you need to get your imagination to soar – we can’t wait to get started!

Harlequin Fabrics and Wallpapers Harlequin Fabrics and Wallpapers

With an assortment of patterns plains, and stripes for you to choose from, why not mix and match? Hide and Seek designs reveal little friends across the collection and work beautifully when combined with each other to suite your tastes.

Harlequin Fabrics and Wallpapers

Check out Harlequin’s virtual Book of Treasures Inspirational catalogue (so fun!) and let us know when you are ready to get started on your little one’s next design project. Our in-house design team is ready to assist you with a call and virtual visits at your convenience.

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