Dedar for the New Year: Our Must-Have Style Adventure for 2020

It’s a new year and time for some fresh style adventures! And this time – we think a trip to Dedar from Italy is just overdue.

Founded in 1976, Dedar is a family-run fabric house that expresses a personal style with its cutting-edge contemporary collections. Located close to Como, in the heart of a Milan’s manufacturing district, Dedar experiments and innovates to attain product perfection through an ongoing dialogue with those craftsmen and textile specialists who are most familiar with the techniques employed in the production of excellent fabrics. Characterized by seductive colour palettes and unexpected patterns, Dedar’s fabrics combine precious yarns with research into fiber technology to offer various solutions for curtains, upholstery and wall covering of timeless elegance.

Since 2011 Dedar is partner of Hermès for the production and distribution of the home fabrics and wallpapers collection.

The newest indoor and outdoor designer fabric collection from Dedar is wide and versatile. The new jacquard weaves invite you to a journey to the East, through unexpected landscapes, amusing creatures and luxurious application of silk textiles.

Jacquard weaves, produced on a special loom, are characterized by complex woven-in designs, often with large design repeats or tapestry effects. Fabrics made by this method include brocade, damask, and brocatelle. The textured fabrics celebrate the irregularity of natural yarns and complimentary pure linen sheers express a sartorial spirit.

Another irresistible element of the Dedar’s newest collection – beyond its impeccable ecstatic execution – is it functionality. The new collection is fire-retardant, in-door-out-door versatile, combining intense colours and texture.

Catch up with the newest and the finest from Decar in the new year at Paris Déco Off (16–20 January 2020).

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