Vista from Kravet – Perfection Indoors and Out

What a year, huh? If nothing else, it has been a year of unprecedented reconnection with our homes. Like never before, more and more of us are looking to make the best our living spaces’ “homeyness” potential – as if discovering our homes all over again and making every corner as comfortable as possible.

With glorious summer weather just around the corner, where better to spend our summer days at home? The patio, of course!

To make things all safe and cozy, with a full serving of luxury, for the first time, Kravet Couture is offering indoor and outdoor fabrics with its brand-new Vista collection. Featuring fabrics made with specialty yarns that provide easy cleaning and a supple hand to maintain its lush texture, this collection is designed to bring high-end luxury to the performance and outdoor market. Have we got your attention yet?

Vista from Kravet  “The mix of textures in the Vista collection allows for a designer to create a chic residential setting in any indoor or outdoor application. With textures ranging from chunky weaves, specialty melange and boucle yarns, Vista is comprised of casually sophisticated patterns perfect for both a lanai or a family room sofa.”

Vista from Kravet

The Legno and Line Drawing designed as transitional patterns, are a special highlight of the collection. Legno is a contemporary interpretation of an ink wash painting from the Kravet archive, and Line Drawing is a modern ikat, offering dimensional design with its raised weaves. Featuring a very warm range of sandy neutrals and tans, as well as grays to provide a useful starting point for an indoor/outdoor scheme, Vista is also paired with pops of nautical blues and aquas. We recommend a custom hammock to go with it all too!

Vista from Kravet

What’s more, the whole Vista collection is also easily cleanable, resistant to fading and meant to withstand outdoor conditions, while also transitioning seamlessly into indoor spaces to suite your needs. Some fabrics are even bleach cleanable and won’t mold or mildew. “Made exclusively from mills all around the world, Vista is also sustainable; the manufacturing of many of these outdoor yarns uses almost no water and are 100% recyclable.”

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