Wireless window treatments, QMotion

3 Tech Features for a Smart Home

3 tech features for a smart home

Today’s homeowners want smart-home technology that can boost their home’s convenience, energy efficiency and security – without sacrificing style. Here are 3 great products that will smarten up your house or condo, even by smart phone when you’re not at home.

Wireless window treatments, QMotion

1. Wireless window treatments

Clean lines and simplicity are two hallmarks of great modern design. You expect them in your interior design, and fortunately, you can find these qualities in the latest automated roller shades from Q Motion Qadvanced Shading Systems. Battery-operated, cordless and WiFi-ready, these blinds are an unobtrusive and elegant alternative to bulkier products, or those with wide side gaps. Control your shades with a remote, smart phone or tablet, creating light and privacy pre-sets, or adjusting them on the fly.

energy efficient window-covering fabrics, QMotion

2. Ultra-energy efficient window-covering fabrics

Energy efficiency is top of mind in the smart home, as savvy homeowners strive to cut energy bills, while conserving resources. Insulating windows is a great way to boost energy efficiency. Q Motion’s QAdvanced Honeycomb shades are excellent thermal insulators, reducing the heat transfer that can result in higher heating demand in winter, and air conditioning demand in summer.


Fully compatible with QAdvanced Roller Shade Controls, these cordless honeycombs can also be managed wirelessly via remote, smart phone or tablet.


Smart home monitoring

3. Smart home monitoring

Keep an eye on your home, even when you’re not at home! The latest wave in home security is roof-to-basement home monitoring services.

For a monthly subscription fee, your home will be monitored for door/window entry, suspicious activity outdoors, smoke, fire or carbon monoxide and water leaks. For added convenience, service providers can also set you up for remote thermostat, lighting and small appliance control via a touch pad, smart phone or tablet.


Parents have the peace of mind of knowing when their kids walked in the front door, while winter-haters can rise to a warm home, and pot of just-brewed coffee.