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Cherished Traditions, Modern Expressions: Draperies and Accessories to Welcome Family, Friends and Kudos this Holiday Season

Traditional holiday decorations are great – but with a few unexpected touches, you can propel your holiday style to new heights. Whether you’re looking forward to Hanukkah, Eid Al-Adha, Kwanzaa, Christmas or just the breathtaking beautify of the winter season, here are a few ideas for creating festive, welcoming spaces to celebrate… anything and everything.

Aurelia Fabrics
Source: Arabella Fabrics

Arabella Fabrics
Source: Aurelia Fabrics

Let the Light in:  Just because the temperatures are falling outside, it doesn’t mean everything about winter is cold. The winter sun has a charm all its own and with the right window treatment system you can create magical spaces that maximize the magic of the season and set the right temperature in any space. Coordinate sheer fabrics with designer prints to dress the winter lights in chic hues or take advantage of our exclusive, custom-fitted shading systems to direct the light in all your favourite spaces.

Moselle Fabrics
Source: Moselle Fabrics

Inspired Accessories for Every Good Home:  With just a few thoughtful trimmings, everyday spaces can be transformed into the most exceptional holiday entertainment destinations.  Custom-tailored cushions, exclusive drapery hardware systems, or the coordination of just the right bolsters and shams have the power to efficiently charm and welcome the bounty of the holiday season. The possibilities are endless: Let bold colours and prints do the talking, or coordinate earth tones that warm up the senses. There are a million ways you can create the most stylish winter hideaways that are as cozy as your warmest winter get-togethers.


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Source: Alendel

Breathe New Life into Old Favourites:  Freshen up a family holiday tradition or create one of your own by reupholstering an old favourite.  Choose a new style, fabric or finish, to give an old chair, sofa or nook a new life just in time for the festivities.  Custom bench-made upholstery workrooms offer complete customization by the inch for precision-care of your cherished holiday memories ahead.

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The design experts at National Drapery can help you coordinate the right widow treatment solutions that will frame, dress and celebrate the winter season just to your taste.

From our families to yours – we at National Drapery wish you happy holiday season and a prosperous start to the New Year!