zodiac design - taurus

Décor Horoscopes

New year, new beginnings! Want a fresh take on decorating inspiration? Consider zodiac design: the art of decorating by astrology sign. It’s a unique, highly individualized, and fun way to personalize your space. Find your sign below in the décor horoscopes and see what projects, updates and trends align with your star sign in 2015.

zodiac design - aries

Zodiac sign: Aries

Major project: You’re an ambitious leader with vision and drive. Chase your goals in a home office that’s as on-task as you are. 2015 is the year to revitalize your executive space.

Easy update: You hate laziness and can forget the importance of power sleep. Install bedroom blinds and blackout drapes to ensure you get the rest you need.

zodiac design - taurus

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Major project: You’re practical and house-proud, but never impulsive. So skip the in-ground pool, but a kitchen reno that will improve your home and add to its property value? 100% yes!

Easy update: Taureans are not fans of change. Take baby steps to try something new in your home. One easy and on-trend update is to swap your beige living room curtains for sumptuous velvet drapes.


zodiac design - gemini

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Major project: Born communicators, Geminis are also natural athletes and multitaskers. Carve out space for your varied hobbies. That attic reno could result in an aery studio, or your basement can become a family gym!

Easy update: You live to learn, travel and explore. Rest up between adventures by updating your bedroom with new bedding, a luxurious carpet and sound absorbing, blackout drapes in a pattern that reminds you of your favourite exotic journey.

zodiac design - cancer

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Major project: Emotional, caring and intuitive, Cancers are natural homebodies. Invest in an open-plan main floor reno, so you can entertain in the kitchen, dining and living areas.

Easy update: Turn your bedroom into a Cancer-worthy retreat, with deep, moody blues and sensual fabrics. We’re thinking, plush velvet headboard, with plenty of pillows and bolsters, and dramatic, floor-puddling drapes to match.

zodiac design - leo

Zodiac sign: Leo

Major project: Energetic, warm and gregarious, Leos love to entertain their admirers. This is the year to create that multi-level backyard living space, complete with outdoor kitchen, dining and conversation areas, mood lighting and billowing outdoor drapery.

Easy update: Don’t cover up a dramatic dinner party mis en scéne. Invest in motorized Q Motion shades to blur the inside and out of your domain.

zodiac design - virgo

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Major project: Organized, neat and efficient, Virgos like to be on time. Now’s the time for that dream walk-in closet makeover.

Easy update: Address your need for efficiency by improving the energy-efficiency of your home. Insulated honeycomb blinds will reduce heat transfer and help you conserve.


zodiac design - libra

Zodiac sign: Libra

Major project: Artistic and intellectual, Librans love having a room of their own to create and/or daydream in. Convert that attic or garage into your home studio.

Easy update: Social butterflies, Librans should invest in their living rooms. Reupholster the sofa, add a vibrant rug, and layer blinds, sheers and valance so you can entertain in style.

zodiac design - scorpio

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Major project: Magnetic and mysterious, Scorpios are also sensitive souls and hardworkers to boot. A top-of-the-line professional-style kitchen is the perfect escape.

Easy update: Everyone knows Scorpios are sensual types. Introduce tactile elements to your boudoir, from faux-fur throws and leather upholstery, to silk and satin pillows and velvet drapery.

zodiac design - sagittarius

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Major project: Confident risk-takers, Sagittarians love adventure. Stash your gear – and contain your messes – in a well-organized and spacious mudroom.

Easy update: Sleek shutters from Hunter Douglas are an easy design and privacy solution for globetrotting Sagittarians.

zodiac design - capricorn

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Major project: Practical, self-sufficient and hardworking Capricorns should invest in a garage makeover or build their own workshop.

Easy update: Cater to your practical side with motorized shades: they’re sleek, fuss-free and stylish.

zodiac design - aquarius

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Major project: Intellectual, independent and helpful, sensitive Aquarians need plenty of alone time. A master ensuite remodel with spa tub or steam shower sounds good to us!

Easy update: Refresh your bedroom retreat: think upholstered headboard, and cozy window coverings to block street sounds and lights. 

zodiac design - pisces

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Major project: Gentle, affectionate Pisceans are empathetic listeners. A living room update provides the perfect setting for them to lend a sympathetic ear.

Easy update: If the kitchen is where you entertain visitors, fresh new Roman shades to match your reupholstered banquette seats would be perfect!