Harlequin Wallpaper

Décor Inspirations from Mad Men for Home and the Office

When our designers gather around the proverbial water cooler to catch up, it is no surprise that the conversation always comes back to all things to do with style. And this is true even when we are talking about our hottest TV obsession – Mad Men. So, we thought what better way to say goodbye to this instant TV classic, but to share a few retro-chic style décor ideas that pay homage to the best of 1960’s design. Here are our top tips for mid-century styles that were modern then, and are timeless now.

Celebrate the Art of Wallpaper – Short of redecorating your entire space, dressing your walls – or just a strategic feature wall – might be the best way to completely overhaul the whole atmosphere in your decorated spaces. Inspired by the 60’s boldest colours and fantastically impressive artful patterns, today’s odes to mid-century wall art have come a long way since mom’s living room. Many of the world’s top interior design firms have taken a fresh look at the best of this nostalgic period and have modernized their newest wallpaper designs to help you bring a fresh approach to your retro looks. Now that’s groovy!

Harlequin Wallpaper

Harlequin Wallpaper

Harlequin Wallpaper
Source: Harlequin

Office Spaces that Tell Your Story – Your office space is often your first opportunity to make an impression on your clients and colleagues. One of the most interesting aspects of interior design art direction on Mad Men is the rare opportunity for us to consider retro-chic design in the creative, period workspaces of Sterling Cooper & Partners offices. The well-thought-out, visual feasts of these workspaces exemplify work environments that are both functional and a pleasure to spend time in – well before the too-often monotonous, cubical workspaces that came to characterize the 80’s and 90’s. Bold contemporary art pieces, architecturally inspired furnishing and the use of statement fabrics on comfortable upholstered surfaces are the key to designing work spaces that even impress the Partners!

50's Wallpaper


Source: Zimmer-Rohde

Slick Fabric Prints as Bold as Your Personality – Rich velvets, woven polyesters, bold geometric prints and rich hues of every sort – these are the timeless contributions of 1960s design to decorative fabrics industry and they are now making a huge come back. In every room in your home, retro-inspired fabric prints and textures can be used to upholster, frame and rug your vintage conversation pieces for something altogether timeless. And remember, the easiest way to achieve this look without getting too overwhelmed by too many patterns or colours is to coordinate using no more than one or two dominant colours or patterns at a time. Mrs. Drapers (yes – all of them) would be proud!


Sanderson Clementine No Throw
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Source: Kravet

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