Details, Details, Details: All the Trimmings That Set You Above the Rest

When mass production and off-the-rack purchases are the norm, true craftsmanship is distinguishable from the every-day because it never skips on the details that tie the whole design together. Here are our top picks to help you plan your next decorating project with all the right custom-tailored trimmings that will set your favourite spaces above the rest.

Drapery Trimmings

Source: Kravet

Trimmings are the only textile product where several different structural techniques are used in the creation of a single item. The first step is the research the different materials needed for the production of an order. The threads are grouped by width and quality, in the appropriate colour tones and according to use. After dyeing, they are spooled. If the item is composed of decorative ornaments, these are prepared with le retordeur, the mechanism for twisting threads.

Some of the materials are destined for the mechanical loom: first carefully threaded onto looms according to the desired pattern. The mechanical loom allows for the creation of the most complex ribbons, braids and some of the simple patterns.


Other materials – like wood or even precious metal beads – are hand-woven to create the complex patterns, velvet ribbons, braids and bullion fringes. Still other materials are destined for the worktable, where items are assembled by hand without the use of looms.

Matched with furnishing fabric, trimmings enhance and bring contrast to a dominant colour while adding delicate refinement. Trimmings, like a nice tieback over a curtain, a sofa fringe, a braid, or cushion ornament enrich, and give life to fabrics they are sewed on. For your drapery systems, stunning bobble or tasselled tiebacks can be coordinated with your dominant design colour schemes to create multi-hued combinations. We also love synchronizing rich colour palettes with exquisite jewel hues and subtle neutral toned trimmings. They work in perfect harmony with all styles of fabric and wallpaper for an added level of sophistication.

Kravet Trimmings

Source: Kravet

Featured Design Power House: Declercq Passementiers

Declercq Passementiers was established as a small trimmings factory in 1852 in France and is now one of the pillars in the art of interior design. Generations of craftspeople have handed down their expertise and ancestral techniques, perpetuating the refined traditions of a trade that has become exceedingly rare. Jérôme and Elisa Declercq represent the sixth generation of this family of trimming-makers and still work according to these traditional craft techniques.

Declercq Passementiers

Source: Declercq Passementiers

Today, museums and historical châteaux under renovation rely on Declercq Passementiers’ expertise to produce trimmings of exceptional intricacy and beauty. The techniques weaving, interlacing and assembling simple threads in order to create outstanding ornaments.

Theirs’ is a very old know-how, which grew in sophistication over the course of centuries. In craft mills, weavers, “retordeurs” and scores of agile fingers weave, embroider and twist threads to create braids, fringes, tassels, rosettes and other marvels. The production of trimmings is very complex and Declercq Passementiers use several different structural techniques in the creation of a single item.

We love working with Declercq Passementiers because they are focused on preserving their ancestral techniques, while constantly innovating the methods and designs.

Declercq Passementiers Trimming

Source: Declercq Passementiers

Our in-house designer and style team are here to help you hunt through a treasure trove of lavish pleated, buttoned, embroidered, woven, ribboned and embellished goodies that will add the perfect touch of sophistication to all of your soft and upholstered surfaces. And don’t forget to check out the full range of custom accessories options we offer!