Embrace Custom Drapery Chic with Inverted Box Pleats

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Inverted box pleats are that rare style goldmine of trendy and timeless. Here’s the lowdown on why so many decoristas love it – and why you might too.


Elegant simplicity

Inverted box pleats are an elegantly simple drapery treatment. In this style, pleats are hidden on the inside of the curtain, creating clean, harmonious vertical lines in each panel. The top of the drape remains smooth and unbunched, enhancing the streamlined look.

Each panel can be swept back to rest in a curtain holdback, rather than fully drawn along to the length of the curtain rod. This creates a more polished appearance.


Modern or traditional?

When the drape is closed, the top of the panel is smooth and flat, creating a clean and modern look, making it a great style option for modern spaces and condos. The box pleats stack perfectly when the drapes are drawn open, channeling a non-fussy and tailored look that can be stunning in a

traditional-style home as well. Regardless of being opened or closed, this hot trend has staying power and suits every interior style.

Use your fabric and hardware choices to reinforce the old or new aesthetic you seek to emphasize.



To make the most of this sophisticated window treatment, opt for a luxurious silk or taffeta. Feel confident making the look your own: inverted pleats are versatile enough to work with almost any fabric. Solids get oomph from the pleats, while patterns stay true since the pleats lay flat.

Always opt for a drapery lining to ensure the pleats sit uniformly, as well as for additional benefits like insulation (thermal lining) or enhanced privacy and shade (blackout lining).