Give imagination room and thus room, imagination…

“Give imagination room and thus room, imagination,” that is Ulf Moritz’ maxim. The result is textiles full of ideas.


Ulf MoritzUlf Moritz is one of the most innovative and important fabric designers and one of the most important designers of our time. The continuous change is the most remarkable part of his textile work, his way of dealing with material in particular: from copper wire to horsehair, from burnout fabrics to laser cut fabrics – Mortiz’ combinations of technical refinement and novel material usage, create textiles of great effect and liveliness. The entire work of Ulf Moritz, which also includes carpet floors, wallpaper, interior furnishings and architectural projects, characterize the textures as well as the elegance and opulence as well as perfection and originality.

“I do not just want to create haptically new experiences. I think of the atmosphere, I imagine the room.”
– Ulf Moritz

And now there is once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the work of this extraordinary artist in one place. Under the aspect of innovation in materials, Neues Museum in Nuremberg has now dedicated an exhibition to the artist to present a choreography of Mortiz’ fabric designs from a repertoire of extraordinary designs for the last three decades – coordinated by the artist himself!




The collection of a lifetime’s work is not only, a matter of complex textures and astonishing brilliance, but also elegance and opulence – which not only includes fabrics, but also rugs, wallpapers, interior design and architectural projects.

And you will be happy to know that if you can’t make it to the Neues Museum to catch this special exhibit, you can still get your hands on Mortiz’ work though his cooperation with SAHCO, which began in 1985. Since then, Mortiz has not set limits to his creativity. His fabrics are full of poetry and fascinating breaks. The secret of his skills lies in the ability to keep the balance. They go far beyond the pure decorative aspect, to the true essence of artistic expression in interior décor.

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