High Style Window Coverings For Condo Living

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Modern condos are much loved for their enviable banks of floor-to-ceiling windows. Besides a great view, these windows make a room feel larger and brighter too. That said, they can come with minor annoyances: sun glare (which can fade furniture), street sounds, energy transfer – heat in the summer, drafts in the winter. Fortunately, the right window coverings can reduce or eliminate these concerns. Here’s what you need to know.



Topping the list of condo floor-to-ceiling window coverings are motorized blind systems. Q Motion is an innovative brand that we love. Here’s why:


Attractive cord- and wire-free designs

With no power cords, control wires, or exposed antennae, Q Motion shades bring safety and good looks to every condo window. Parents and pet owners will take extra comfort in these safety features.


Next-generation power

Running on powerful and long-lasting batteries, these motorized shades can fit practically any window, including oversize ones that once required running an electrical line. Even better, many Q Motion shades can run on their original batteries for up to five years. (Translation: less fuss and effort for you!)


Improved sound reduction

Distracting operating noise is a thing of the past, since Q Motion shades are virtually noiseless. Don’t believe us? Watch them in action at 1:40 in this product video.


Seamless installation

All motorized shades have gaps at their sides, but Q Motion’s are the smallest, at a mere 7/16”. This barely perceptible gap is the same on both sides, for a clean, symmetrical appearance and industry-leading light blocking.


Multiple control options

Use a wireless remote or manually move shades up and down. Or set up an optional remote timer so all or some of your shades (the ones on southern or western facing windows, for instance), automatically adjust according to time of day, to manage energy transfer, provide extra shade or light, and protect furniture from sun damage during peak hours. The timer can even be customized to adjust to the time of year and changing light patterns!



No special tools are required for installation, and each shade installs with just four screws. There’s no cumbersome battery pack to work with either.


Finally: good looks!

Available in a huge array of fabrics and a range of clean lined designs and modern finishes, there’s a Q Motion shade for every home style – including yours!

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