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Our Holiday Reading List: 7 Beautiful Books

Domus: A Journey Into Italy’s Most Creative Interiors
Oberto Gili and Marella Caracciolo Chia

Interior Design

This book is an intimate glimpse into some of the most beautiful and inaccessible dwellings in modern Italy and it is perfect for the aesthetically-minded readers with an interest in interior design, Italy, and the art of fine living.

An inspired tour of today’s most creative and inspiring rooms belonging to Italy’s top tastemakers: artists, interior designers, craftspeople, collectors, and aristocrats. Italy has been a source of inspiration for generations of artists and lovers of beauty. From rural estates in Tuscany and spectacular seaside villas to an eighteenth-century palace in Puglia and city residences in Turin, Milan, Venice, Rome, and Naples, the properties reveal personalized revelations into the inescapable appeal of Italian style. Each interior acts as a source of surprise and an impetus for creativity, reflecting the individual tastes and talents of those who live and have lived there—designer Carlo Mollino, couturier Stephan Janson, art and literary scholar Mario Praz, and artists Sandro Chia and Alessandro Twombly. In addition to the houses of artists and craftspeople, rooms of visionary interior designers, such as Camilla Guinness, Roberto Peregalli, and Laura Sartori Rimini are also included.


David Hicks on Decoration — With Fabrics
David Hicks

Decorating with fabricDecorating with fabric Decorating with fabric

Published first in 1971, this book is a source of timeless inspiration and lessons in astatic pleasure. A vintage must-have, this book features the work of the great interior designer David Hicks. This volume focuses on Hicks’ use of fabric – his treatment of: curtains, upholstery, bed-hangings, fabric-covered walls and other soft furnishings. Through images of his interior projects he teaches the reader how to successfully combine different patterns, colours and textures. Each picture and layout in this book are a testament to Hicks’ bold use of colours and patterns as well as the visionary’s highly original compositions.


Windsor Smith Homefront: Design for Modern Living
Windsor Smith (Author), Gwyneth Paltrow (Forward)

Modern design
Modern design

Charmingly forwarded by the ever-classic Gwyneth Paltrow, this book mixes timeless glamour with modern practicality. Celebrating the work of interior designer Windsor Smith’s this is the first book by the author and lays out her elegant, comfortable style. Smith is a traditionalist who likes to realize classic themes in a new way and in this book she shares her fresh vision for modern life. Themes include how to bring balance—an essential ingredient to a beautiful, functional home—into rooms and spaces, as well as how to successfully combine new belongings with treasures from the past to create homes that reflect where we have come from, as well as where we wish to go.


Thomas Pheasant: Simply Serene
Thomas Pheasant (Author), Victoria Sant  (Foreword), Jeff Turrentine (Contributor), and Durston Saylor (Photographer)

Celebrated interior designer Thomas Pheasant is best known for his seamless melding of tradition and the contemporary. His spaces are fresh and of the age yet also enduringly timeless. Balancing classical elements, like recessed paneling, pilasters, crown moldings, and carved plaster garlands, Pheasant introduces modern details. Unafraid of combining pieces from various traditions, he achieves a sense of harmony and balance almost effortlessly. This lavish offering of his work gives the reader a sensible, artful approach to interior design, presenting models of great aesthetic subtlety and beauty. Never a strict by-the-book traditionalist, Pheasant responds to and sees in classicism its rational order, its quietude, and its serenity.


The Finer Things: Timeless Furniture, Textiles, and Details
Christiane Lemieux

The Finer Thing

How does one recognize quality and judge whether something is well made? Christiane Lemieux set out to answer this question by interviewing the world’s greatest experts. Weaving together the insights and guidance of dozens of wallpaper and paint specialists, textile fabricators, accessories artisans, and interior designers, Lemieux has curated an unparalleled education in recognizing the hallmarks of timeless, heirloom-quality pieces. Hundreds of elegant home interiors—both iconic examples from the past and stunning residences today – represent the range of luxurious and customized environments that can be created with fine décor.


Pantone: The Twentieth Century in Color Hardcover


This visual-feast is Pantone’s colour tour of 100 transformative years across all art and Western cultural phenomena. From the Pale Gold (15-0927 TPX) and Almost Mauve (12-2103 TPX) of the 1900 Universal Exposition in Paris to the Rust (18-1248 TPX) and Midnight Navy (19-4110 TPX) of the countdown to the Millennium, the 20th century brimmed with colour. Long-time Pantone collaborators and colour gurus Leatrice Eiseman and Keith Recker identify more than 200 touchstone works of art, products, decor, and fashion, and carefully match them with 80 different official PANTONE color palettes to reveal the trends, radical shifts, and resurgences of various hues. This vibrant volume takes the social temperature of our recent history with the panache worthy of Pantone.


New York Interiors: Bold, Elegant, Refined
Barbara Stoeltie (Author), Kenneth Jay Lane (Foreword), and Rene Stoeltie (Photographer)

New York Interiors

New York Interiors is an inspirational guide to the eclectic interior style of the Big Apple. Barbara and René Stoeltie capture the essence of New York’s sophisticated and glamorous elegance, inspiring the reader with profiles of 17 style setters and their private homes. The reader is taken on a thrilling exploration of both traditionally designed and strikingly modern interiors, which reflect the city’s dynamism and diversity. From a luxury apartment with magnificent paneling hung with old master paintings to a glassed-in eagle’s nest perched atop an art deco skyscraper, or a delightful brownstone with a private garden worthy of a picturesque country village, the authors take readers on a personalized journey through the city’s inhabitants and provide endless inspiration for contemporary interiors.