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Hottest Trend of 2016 – All that Glitters and Much More!

Gold, Silver and Bronze – precious metals that have been inseparable from expressions of luxury since the dawn of civilization, are making huge fresh statements this year across interior design forums. Eye-catching metallic detailing, woven treads of gold, silver, upholstered surfaces, wall coverings sprinkled with precious patterns… so many options and so little time! Here are our design team’s top three ideas for integrating this luxury trend into your modern design schemes.



1. Pair muted pastels with popping metallics – This season, our designers love pairing metallic detailing with pastel palettes. Shimmers of gold and silver are a perfect choice for contrasting on soft tones of beige, blue, champagne and blush. For an extra touch of the chic, we are thinking Pantone’s 2016 colours of the year are the perfect compliment for the most luxurious soft surfaces and custom drapery couplings.



2. Find perfect harmony in Earth tones of every sort – Look to nature for the perfect match to your glittering dreams. For the cosier corners of your design plans, we are loving the look of shimmering copper, silver and gold prints paired with earthy mochas and nature-inspired grey accents. Such combinations help modernize these too-often-over-looked earth tones and bring them up to whole new luxurious standards. Working in this same colour scheme, we also love the look and feel of metallic detailing and accessories contrasted with fur (faux-fur, of course!) and richly woven coverlets in the bedroom or sitting nooks.





3. Be considerate of the natural lighting effects – The best interior design plans always take into consideration the architectural characteristics of the spaces they are looking to dress. Working with metallic detailing, of course, is no exception. Depending on the architectural orientation of your space, different expressions of gold, copper, silver and bronze can be capitalized to maximize natural light. With an ever-expanding catalogue of eco-friendly, wear-resistant metallic print and detailing options at your fingertips, you will have plenty of choices to brighten up your space – so take your time and make sure you are choosing just the right tones that best support the mood you’re trying to set.



12. Scion-Spirit-Soul-Rhythm-Yoki-fabrics-luxurious-sitting-area

1. Zoffany-Poesy-Wallpapers-Tanager-wallpapers-luxurious-wallpaper


Check our design and style teams’ Pinterest metallic inspiration boards for more ideas and inspiration… and when you are ready to tackle your next design challenge, request a call or make an appointment to get your project started!