Interior Design: What’s Your Style?


Defining your interior design type is a great way to maintain a clear vision of the look you plan to achieve and will make the process of selecting furnishings, paint colours, fabrics, drapery and accessories much easier. Creating a style statement that works for you is a must, regardless of whether you’ve hired an interior decorator or have decided to go it on your own. Here are some tips to help pinpoint the best look for your home and your lifestyle.

Getting started: think beyond interiors

Consider your personality, your fashion sense, the way you live, the books you read, the music you listen to, and the trips that you take. Head to the closet; clothing tells us a lot about our style and translates easily to décor. What colours are prominent, is your look structured or casual? Next, make a list of what makes you feel good and what inspires you? The answers to all of these questions will help set you in the right direction when determining your individual tastes.

Defining a look: you’re more style-savvy then you realize

Don’t worry about textbook design styles and official definitions. This exercise is about digging a little deeper, building an emotional bond with your environment. Think about and take note of homes that inspire you from magazines, Pinterest, TV or even places you once lived as a child. What are you drawn to? Is the look simple, white and minimalist or are you drawn to rustic painted cabinetry and upholstery in rich colour palettes?  Create a scrapbook of your findings and compare your selection of pins or clippings, looking for common features. Chances are, you will start to see recurring trends and patterns all pointing toward a more distinct look.

Get real: balancing your inspiration with reality

How does your vision marry up to the reality of your current living space and your lifestyle? If your inspiration board is full of formal and luxurious images, but in reality you are more comfortable in a casual home where the kids and pets can run freely without worrying about making a mess, you will need to prioritize what is most important. This does not mean that you have to give up on your dream home but you will have to make compromises. Try introducing elements of the look in accessories or low traffic areas of your home, for instance, luxury could come in the form of art, or in the master bedroom and ensuite or even light fixtures and drapery.

Don’t forget: It’s an evolution

The process of defining your style is organic, there is no right or wrong. Even the most skilled decorator evolves a look and signature style over time. The key is to feel good in your space and confident in your choices.


Ideas for implementing your style:


Start with one room

Test your vision, and start by decorating one small space such as a laundry room or bathroom. Paint, add a window covering and a few accessories (such as a picture frame, toiletry holder, towels, hooks, etcetera) and evaluate. If you feel an instant love for the space, then it’s likely a look you can carry on with throughout your home. If it doesn’t quite satisfy you like you hoped, it might be time to go back to the drawing board and reevaluate.

Design around a piece

If you’re still unsure about a look, try designing based on a piece you love. It could be a couch you already own, or a chair, table, or piece of art that you spot in a store. Choosing colours, fabrics, and accessories to complement a piece you know you adore can be a great way to style a room you’ll be happy with.