Sheer Brilliance: Everything You Need to Know About Sheer Drapery

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Sheer drapery is one of the most versatile window-coverings on the market. They’re always perfect for layering, and in the right window context, work equally well solo. They come in a wide array of styles too, so working them into your décor is a breeze. Here’s how to choose the right options for your home.


Solo or layered?

Given their lightweight semi-transparency, sheers are ideal for layering. When layering, think of your window as a base that needs to be “built out,” from the base layer out.

Start with a flat-front blind for privacy and to block distracting night-time light and street sounds. Hang sheer drapery overtop as an underlayer; it provides a softer contour and transitions to the final layer of drapery.

But that’s not to say sheer drapery can’t be used on its own. Hang sheers solo if privacy isn’t an issue, or in rooms where you want to reduce the heat and glare of sunlight, with a more airy, romantic look than shades provide.


Sheer styles

You’ll be thrilled by the sheer selection (pun intended!), of sheers available in the market these days. Some decorista faves we recommend include:

Burnout sheers:

Using a chemical process to eat-away a pattern in a fabric, burnout sheers combine opaque and sheer in each panel. This contemporary look comes in an array of colours and fabrics, and is great for modern spaces. Many burnout sheers have the visual weight to work really well as solo window treatments.

Textured sheers:

Like burnout sheers, textured sheers have a more substantial look than basic-issue diaphanous sheer panels. Their weaves create patterns, with varying levels of opacity and transparency throughout. Great for layering in custom curtains or even blinds.

Colourful sheers:

Because sheers are so floaty and transparent, their colours are lighter in intensity. This is great if you want colour… but not a heavy hit of it. Choose a linen blend for washed out, natural hues, or manmade textile like polyester blend for stronger, truer colours.


Want to learn more about sheer options? Come in to speak with one of our designers.