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Celebrating Inspiration: Our Curators’ Top 6 Instagram Account Picks

As our National Drapery Design and Style team is always on the lookout for the most impressive and innovative in the world of interior design, it is no surprise every single one of us is completely addicted to Instagram. We love sourcing the best and the brightest inspiration from around the world, and Instagram is just the thing to connect design lovers across genres and mediums. Read on for our 6 Top Instagram account picks and the visionaries behind them! And don’t forget to follow @NationalDrapery for what we have in store for you.

Instagram Textiles

College Designs


Collage Designs Instagram

Collage Designs is a long-standing Toronto-based design firm, with an impressive tradition of luxurious and timeless interior design projects that never fail to impress. Collage Designs is a Mother / Daughter team that strives to create beautiful and comfortable spaces mindful of texture and colour. Working side-by-side, this design collective specializes in coordinating all aspects of the design planning and execution, with an uncanny attention for details – large and small.  The College Design Instagram page is everything you would expect from such masters of design and never short of inspiration for every space.

T Magazine



T: The NYTimes Style Magazine, is the New York Times publication that covers art, culture and design frontiers from across the world. And no surprise here – these guys know what they are doing! With essentially unrestricted access to every design event across all genres, this is where designers come to dream… A wide range of design areas is highlighted on the T: Magazine Instagram page daily, including interior design, food, fashion, beauty, art and entertainment. We always love reading their curators comments, helping us learn a little more about the cultural significance of the images they post. LOVE!

Haus Of Hue



Haus Of Hue is a premier design resource to an exclusive and discerning list of international clientele. Specializing in finding original vintage, one-of-a-kind pieces for each collaboration, Haus of Hue’s focus is on creating spaces that evoke a rare sense of intimacy and exclusivity. Owner, Lauren Bakarian-Simpson, and her team concentrate on developing original and inspired designs that reflect each individual client’s unique vision and sense of style. The Haus Of Hue Instagram account is accordingly breathtaking and a source of endless, wild inspiration.




At 1stdibs, the Design Curators work tirelessly to connect the world’s best dealers, finest shops and most important galleries with individuals like you: the world’s most sophisticated collectors, designers and curators. Starting with a few dealers that were hand-selected by 1stdibs Michael Bruno at Paris’s legendary antiques market, Marché Aux Puces, in 2001, they have become the global destination for those who must have ‘first dibs’ on treasures from around the world, that would otherwise be inaccessible.

The Textile Museum of Canada


Textile Museum Instagram

Toronto’s Textile Museum of Canada is one of Canada’s most engaging art museums and must-see destination for all true design aficionados of all ages and tastes. The TMC celebrates art and design through the dynamic lens of over 2000 years of creative cultural expression, captured and curated perfectly in the form the universally relevant media of textiles. What’s more, The Textile Museum of Canada is a non-profit cultural and educational institution that focuses on exhibition, collection, conservation, research and dissemination of the materials and values of everyday life, including archaeological, traditional, innovative and experimental methods and practices. Every TMC Instagram post, true to form, is a small porthole to inspiration from a different time and place that cannot be ignored.

Matt McKay


The Real Matt McKay

Matt McKay is the director of interior design at Sawyer and we are plainly head over heals for his fresh sensibilities. Originally from Toronto, Matt Mckay relocated to New York City to further his studies in Interior Design at Parsons New School for Design. Drawing from an eclectic design palate and supplementing his knowledge with extensive travel, Matt incorporates both modern and traditional sensibilities into each project. Matt synthesizes the disciplines of Architecture, Landscape and Interior Design to create harmonious spaces, thoughtfully integrating interior and exterior environments. We love following Matt’s adventures in design one Instagram post at a time.