Perfect Matches: Coordinating Upholstery and Drapery Fabrics!

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You already know all about pulling together an inspiration board or folder, right? (Just clip your fave magazine tearsheets, web printouts, and paint, wallpaper and fabric samples and store them here.) Coordinating upholstery and drapery fabrics can be just as easy and fun!Now consider where you want to layer in fabrics. Obvious choices for a master bedroom include:

  • Window coverings (blinds or shades, plus drapery)
  • Upholstery (headboard, seats and/or chaise longue)
  • Bed linens
  • Accessories (cushions, etc.)

Start collecting samples of fabrics you want to use in this space, checking to see how they look together.


Picking favourites

In the beginning, think more rather than less. As you progress, and with the help of a National Drapery design consultant, you can winnow through your choices based on suitability and budget.

The easiest way to select fabrics is to stick within a specific designer collection: even though you’ll be mixing and matching fabrics, you’re ensured a good match in terms of weaves, shades, finishes, pattern compatibility – and overall design vibe. (Super-important when you’re taking a DIY design approach: not everyone can pair chevrons and Swiss dots like a pro, so take the guesswork out whenever possible!)

Eventually you may want to move outside this design collection. Let’s say you’ve used fabrics from one collection for your window coverings, upholstery and a custom duvet cover; look outside of it for a bevvy of different cushions and bolsters, without risk of any major mistakes.

When designing a bedroom, always mix and match fabrics for a variety of textures: linens and canvas, velvet and satin, even leather or faux fur. Use highly textured trims and fringes to add another eye-catching, tactile element.

When coordinating upholstery and drapery, remember that design is personal: wondering if you’ve got the right mix? Ask yourself if you love it; if so, you’re good to go!