Winter Drapery

All the Colours of Winter

The beauty of the winter season is hard to deny, especially when you can enjoy the majesty of the outdoors from the comfort of your warm, exquisitely decorated interior spaces. So we thought of a few ideas to help frame your winter landscapes in the most flattering palettes inspired by colours of winter.

Winter Drapery

Warm up your home with chic shades of charcoal – pair exclusive designer lines of sheer and solid charcoal fabrics with rich whites to best compliment the sunlight into your favorite spaces. Sweeping and puddling drapery styles customized to your home’s particular design schemes will enhance the drama of this stylish colour palate. Rich charcoal colour palates also make for exquisitely timeless upholstery of your favorite seating arrangement.

Now trending – Modern metallic colour schemes and accessories are making a big comeback in 2015. So welcome the New Year with cutting edge, metallic trimmings and accessories. The smallest detailing can add that extra sparkle that will bring the magic of the winter wonderland into your home. From trim metal beads expertly applied to your custom-upholstered furniture, to geometrically dramatic gold, silver and bronze prints that make window dressings pop – the luxury of precious metals is just the thing to light up your winter days.

Gold Pillows

How we like to do it – Complement light wall colours with bold prints and accessories that make a personal statement. Tall, sweeping drapes bookending your feature windows can be just the thing to frame the falling snow outside. And to make sure you have just the right seat to enjoy the show, make yourself extra comfortable with a nest of complimentary, made-to-order cushions. And remember, one pair of pillows too often looks skimpy. Use two pairs or more in contrasting patterns, colours or textures to get the maximum comfy affect… so many possibilities, so little time!

Bedroom Drapery

The design experts at National Drapery can help you coordinate the right widow treatment solutions that will frame, dress and celebrate the winter season just to your taste.