Trendspotting: Nature-inspired Wallpaper

Get inspired by one of today’s hottest decorating trends – nature-inspired wallpaper!


Get inspired by one of today’s hottest decorating trends: nature-inspired wallpaper!  Sure, we know verdant wallpaper patterns and natural textures are more timeless than trendy, but these classics get reinvigorated every few years for a new-again design sensibility. Ready to turn over a fresh leaf? Here are three big nature-inspired wallpapers, as well as tips for using them in your own home.



nature inspired wallpaper - handblocked

Natural inspiration #1: Handblocked or hand-screened prints

Traditional hand-blocked and hand silk-screened wallpapers are enjoying a resurgence among savvy decorators, with some of the most common motifs bring florals, vines, leaves and trees. Decoristas love handcrafted wallpaper for its luxe, bespoke charm, with subtle gradations in shading and a true artisan feel.

Where to use it:

You’ll pay a premium for handcrafted wallpaper, so if you can’t budget for a big, splashy location – it makes a powerful statement in a front foyer and main hall – use it judiciously. Try a main floor powder room or single statement wall in the living or dining room.

nature inspired wallpaper - photo finishes

Natural inspiration #2: Photo finishes

Photographic murals are another nature-inspired wallpaper theme. Much like their 1970s forebears, these papers offer a trompe l’oeil effect making any room feel like it has its own portal to a forest, meadow, or tropical beach. Or, for a more artful approach, consider photo wallpapers designed around blown-up, close-up shots of flowers, shells, leaves or pebbles.

Where to use it:

Photorealistic murals are a natural choice for kids’ and teen bedrooms, rec rooms and home offices.


nature inspired wallpaper - grasscloth

Natural inspiration #3: Grasscloth and other natural-fibre wallcoverings

Another midcentury staple staging a strong comeback, is woven grass-cloth wallpaper – both authentic and faux-. Designers love it for its wonderful texture, and availability in countless colours, from traditional, natural hues; to glam, burnished metallics; or lush, saturated colours. Today’s grass-cloth may even feature exquisite embroidery designs.

Where to use it:

Grasscloth lends itself well to nearly any room, formal or casual, although it’s not ideal for humid environments like a bathroom or kitchen (a powder room is fine though).