What’s Your Décor Personality?

What's your decor personality? Knowing your décor personality is the shortcut to easy, stress-free home decorating. When you know your trademark style, it’s easier to choose between conflicting trends and to know which design advice to follow – and what to ignore! Understanding your décor personality makes shopping easier too, whether online or in person. You can cut straight to the chase, filtering options that may look cute, but which won’t complement your décor scheme in situ.  Wondering what your décor personality is? Read on and see what sounds most like you!

 decor personality - modern

Modern (AKA: contemporary)

You’d describe your décor style as:

• Clean-lined • Streamlined • Of-the-moment Design motto:Less is more

 decor personality - vintage

Vintage (AKA: retro, flea market)

You’d describe your décor style as:

• Nostalgic • Upcycling, recycling, repurposing • Colourful Design motto:Great design is timeless

decor personality - glamourous

Glam (AKA: city chic)

You’d describe your décor style as:

• Bold and dramatic • Shimmery • Luxurious Design motto:Luxury never goes out of style

decor personality - traditional

Traditional-with-a-twist (AKA: transitional, eclectic)

You’d describe your décor style as:

• Mix of old and new • Unique • Trend-averse Design motto:Every piece in my home has a story to tell

Now that you know your décor personality, use it to search for inspiration on Pinterest, Houzz and other great design resources. Planning a makeover? Visit National Drapery and get our home décor experts to help you find options that complement your décor personality.