Window Treatments That Wow: 5 Reasons to Cover Your Windows in Style!

Do you really need drapery?! The ubiquity and convenience of window treatments like shades, screens, shutters and even privacy glazing may give you reason to pause.  But don’t rule out drapery; think of window dressing like you do fashion – you wouldn’t leave the house in just one layer, would you? Likewise your windows: pair those screens with drapery.

Here are five reasons why taking a multifaceted tactic is best (as well as tips for finding the right pairing for your space).Window treatments

Reason #1: Insulation and energy efficiency

You can increase the energy efficiency of your home by insulating against heat transfer through windows – even if you already have high-efficiency windows. Install snug-fitting shades or blinds, then hang drapery overtop. The layering will help you stay cozy now… and will help your home stay cool during the summer heat (tempting as heat sounds, right now!)

Reason #2: Light control

Studies show humans enjoy the most restful sleep in a pitch-black room. Blinds, shutters and shades all benefit from the lights-out boost provided by thick, blackout drapery. Hang some drapes to enjoy your ZZZZZZzzzzs in peace. (And quiet: see the next point below!)

Reason #3: Noise dampening

We may love city living, but middle-of-the-night sirens, street traffic and other ambient sounds…not so much. By layering up your windows, you considerably dampen those things that go bump in the night.

Reason #4: Views

If you’ve got killer views, it may sound counter-intuitive to “block” them with distractions around the window, especially if you’ve already got privacy glazing or unobtrusive shades. But on the contrary: hanging the right drapery is the perfect way to emphasize that killer view. Great drapery draws the eye to the asset it’s framing!

Reason #5: Style

Finally, consider drapery the final flourish to your home. While we love great minimalist shades and screens as much as the next person, we think they work best paired with a beautiful set of drapes chosen and hung to match the aesthetic of your home. Think of them as that gorgeous scarf or trophy handbag: a great way to cap a fabulous ensemble.

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