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Custom Drapery Panels in all Sizes, Patterns and Designs You Could Have Ever Wished for, Available to Order on Our Online Store!

Custom drapery panels

Custom drapery panels and sheers featuring Melbourne 1136. Available on online store.

Custom drapery panels and sheers

Custom drapery panels and sheers featuring Miyuki 140. Available on online store.

Custom drapery panels

Custom drapery panels. Fabric available on online store.

At National Drapery, we are proud of our 70-year tradition of exceptional customer service and uncompromising craftsmanship – helping bring our clients’ interior design dreams into luxurious reality… and this year, we are making it even easier for you!

National Drapery is proud to announce the launch of our Online Store, to give you the best value for your money for customized drapery panels and hardware in any size and style.

To start, you can order fabric swatches to ensure you are picking just the right elements for your design plans. While you are waiting for your swatches, an easy-to-use guide will help you measure your windows and a lookbook for some inspiration. Once your swatches have arrived and you have measured your window, you are ready to place your order!

First, choose the fabric you’d like to use, then select your desired panel width (24″ or 48″). Next, choose your length and quantity of panels you would like in this fabric and size. Choose your pleat from one of our options and apply blackout lining if necessary.

Add your panels to cart, and shop for anything else that you might need, like drapery hardware.

Once you place your order, it will go straight to our work room where we will begin the manufacturing process.


Custom drapery panels featuring Adrift. Available on online store.


Custom drapery panels featuring Adrift. Available on online store.

Custom drapery panels and sheers

Custom drapery panels featuring Matheo 48. Available on online store.

Ordering is easy and your drapery systems will be delivered directly to your doorstep from our Toronto-based workroom within 7 to 10 business days. Currently we  ship to Southern Ontario only. All orders are hung, pressed and tested prior to shipment, leaving you assured that your purchase will be of the highest industry quality and made strictly to your specifications.

So – What are you waiting for?

Customize your own drapery panels now.