Bold Floral

Floral Dreams are Made of This

There are probably as many variations of floral print options, as there are kinds of flowers in the world. So we picked the perfect bouquet of the hottest flora-inspired trends that will steal your heart. Floral prints in wallpaper, fabric and detailing finishes are arguably the most staple of all print designs for interior decor – a timeless charm that never seems to go out of style. Here are our trendiest picks in garden-inspired prints right to your doorsteps.

Bold Patterns

The Bolder, the Better

Just because it’s wallpaper, doesn’t mean it should be a wallflower. When your favourite spaces open onto the morning light, you can make use of bold, designer wallpaper art to create breathtaking statements in your design scheme. And the best way to integrate the rest of your design elements with your statement wall covering is to coordinate with the same or a complementary fabric print and align with drapery plans or upholstered surfaces. We specially love these looks where the floral patterns of the featured walls are mirrored with sweeping sheer silk drapery panels, engaging daylight (and moonlight) so perfectly, you will never want to leave.

Bold Floral Patterns

Bold Floral

Floral Patterns

Floral Inspirations from the East

It should not come as a surprise that many of today’s hottest designers often find inspiration for their latest and newest lines in the rich traditions of the East – and that is also true when they are contemplating their latest floral masterpieces. Whether you choose to use these designs as whimsical little touches in the details of your upholstered surfaces, or as the dominant elements that define your space, there is an Eastern-inspired souvenir for everyone. We love these examples from Harlequin that build on Eastern traditions of earthy palettes, embroidered textures in rich silks with shimmering metalic tones executed to perfection.

Floral Inspiration from the East

Floral Inspiration from the East

Nobody’s Wallflower – 3D embroidered patterns

To give your fabric an extra touch of the unexpected and the whimsical, let your imagination run wild into the third dimension. Three-dimensional, hand-stitched fabric detailing like this one, or raised embroidery works that create depth in your floral pattern settings will contrast nicely with stripes or solid colour statements.


On a Bed of Roses

A true classic is timeless – and what is more timeless than roses. We love inviting romance and fancy into the bedrooms and dressing rooms by layering rose-inspired floral prints on wallpapers and custom bedding. Elegant rosy tracery, all printed on shimmering silk, 100% linen or cotton exude glamour and luxury. Just as two floral bouquets will never look exactly the same, these ever-fashionable prints can be re-edited with a variety of sensational new colour schemes keeping up with contemporary trends, or simply reinventing a familiar design in a whole new atmosphere.



From the world’s hottest designers (check out our recent blog posts covering floral trends on the runways of Milan and Diane von Furstenberg) to the thousands of options we have in store for you at National Drapery – your perfect, totally you, bouquet of floral designs will make your day!